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Meet Lachie

Lachie Big

Meet Lachie

According to PCYC Beenleigh’s Sergeant Bob Caunt, Lachie is an absolute LEGEND! Not only did he pass his manual driving test through Braking the Cycle first go he has also secured a job as a stonemason. Next on his list is to buy himself a car.

“There is no stopping this young man,” Bob said. “He has worked hard during this time at PCYC, participating in our Get Set for Work (GSFW) program and completing his Certificate II in Vocational Skills and Certificate I in Construction.”

Lachie also attends Boxing After Dark every Wednesday night (pictured here with GSFW Manager, Rob Workman). Some people use multiple programs to find their pathway, some just one. What’s most important is our programs offer a way for young people to connect with a QPS officer, youth worker, or other mentor to gain the support they need.