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Unexpected Windfall: Sienna Wins Over $120,000 in our Draw 3, Brightening the End of 2023!

Draw3 Winner

Congratulations to the winner of Draw 3, Sienna from Qld!

It’s not every day you wake up to the news of an unexpected expense; a broken hot water system, and then have your luck completely turn around and find out you’ve won over $120,000 in prizes!

That’s exactly how the end of 2023 played out for Sienna, of Hay Point in Queensland. Grumbling about cold showers and a need to outlay a huge sum right on top of an already lean-looking Christmas, Sienna nearly didn’t take a phone call from an unrecognised number. When she did pick up the call, she imagined it was a local tradie with a quote for a new water system. She took a few deep breath, expecting bad news.

However, after hearing PCYC Queensland was on the line… and was calling about the Sunshine Lottery, Sienna paused, and thought, “Could I really be this lucky?”

Speechless when told she had won a phenomenal prize package, Sienna had to sit down and take a moment to digest what she had just heard. “You. Are. Joking? I’ve won, what?!?! Oh my, with Christmas just around the corner, and everything just so expensive, this couldn’t have happened at a better time!” she exclaimed.

Sienna now has a fabulous new Nissan X-Trail TI-L worth more than $58,000 in the home garage. She’s taking her time, chatting with her family about where in the world her amazing $35,000 travel voucher will take them all. Having never been overseas, Sienna considered, “I reckon, with such a huge amount, we can stretch this out to a few trips. But Japan, in cherry-blossom season, certainly looks nice!”

This draw is the prize that just keeps giving to Sienna and her family — as a Sunshine VIP, she also unlocked a bonus $10,000 cash! Reflecting on this, Sienna said, “I honestly cannot believe I now have this much cash in my bank account. That was never going to be my life."

“At a time when things are so tough, winning this lottery is like a dream come true. Certainly no cold showers for us! It’s turned us right around, just like that, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Will YOU be next to receive a winning phone call from the Sunshine Lottery Team?

Every ticket sold in the Sunshine Lottery will help PCYC Queensland deliver youth development programs for over 50,000 at-risk, disadvantaged and disengaged young people across Queensland. 

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