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Draw 4 Winner! From Bubble Tea to Big Dreams: Local Shop Owner's Windfall Sparks Expansion and Joy.

Draw4 Winner

A new car… and unexpected bubble-tea business expansion!

It was an ordinary but busy Thursday for Tony, with many customers in his bubble tea shop in Sunnybank Hills, Queensland. He had no idea that on this day he would win more than $110,000 in fabulous prizes in PCYC Queensland’s Sunshine Lottery.

Tony nearly didn’t take the call from an unrecognised number. After hearing it was PCYC about the Sunshine Lottery, Tony paused, thought. “this can’t be happening” and then exclaimed, “….can I call you right back!??”

With excitement building, Tony quickly asked a coworker to take over and, with his heart beating fast and trembling hands, made the call. It was then that PCYC confirmed that he had won a phenomenal prize package. 

Talk about an ordinary day turning into extra-extra-ordinary! “This can’t be true. I’ve won, the whole thing?!?! No way!” he exclaimed.

Tony is now cruising in a fabulous new Nissan X-Trail TI-L worth more than $60,000. And with $40,000 cash, he plans to expand his business, an idea that he had ‘bubbling’ (!) around for some time.

PCYC Queensland had one more surprise for Tony — as a Sunshine VIP, he also unlocked a bonus $10,000! Reflecting on this Tony said, “I have not had spare cash to spend on myself since I started my business. I will have to think about what I want to do… maybe a holiday."

Tony is raising bubble-tea in a toast to PCYC, saying this about his remarkable experience, “I only wanted to support a wonderful cause. I never thought I would be so lucky in the Sunshine Lottery. But even with this win, I will continue to support PCYC Queensland. They are a vital organisation in many communities.”

Congratulations Tony and thanks for the bubble-tea good cheer.

Will YOU be next to receive a winning phone call from the Sunshine Lottery Team?

Every ticket sold in the Sunshine Lottery will help PCYC Queensland deliver youth development programs for over 50,000 at-risk, disadvantaged and disengaged young people across Queensland. 

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