Hit the Road in Style: Cruise in a 2023 Nissan X-Trail TI-L, Plan Your Dream Getaway, and Splash $25k with Freedom!

Ignite Your Adventurous Side with Our $120,000+ Giveaway!

Lottery No. 3
Drawn: 14 December 2023
Closes in 3 Hrs33 Min19 Sec

You don't want to miss this!

Picture yourself cruising in a brand-new 2023 Nissan X-Trail TI-L. Packing your bags for that vacation you've been daydreaming about with a $35,000 travel voucher and spending $25k cash however you like! With over $120,000 in Cash and Prizes, you can take on any adventure!
Every Sunshine Lottery ticket sold will help at-risk and disadvantaged young Queenslanders change their stories through our youth development and crime prevention programs.
It's a lottery for a cause, and your chance to WIN over $120K in Cash and Prizes!
Grab your tickets today and make that dream a reality!

Imagine hitting the open road in the 2023 Drive Car of the Year*, the stylish Nissan X-Trail TI-L, valued at over $58,000. Picture yourself at the wheel, courtesy of a generous $2,000 Fuel Voucher to kick start your driving adventures.
But that's just the beginning! You also WIN a $35,000 Travel Voucher, your chance for a dream getaway (or perhaps many getaways!) to the most exquisite destinations:
• Why not the ultimate, romantic, FIRST CLASS escapade to Paris, London, and Rome?
• Or grab the kids and pop on the Mickey Mouse ears for a once-in-a-lifetime family Disneyland experience, with a surfing detour in Hawaii, of course!
• Fancy hitting the ski slopes of Japan, or perhaps the luxury of Aspen is more your style?
• Or, explore the islands and azure blue seas of the Mediterranean on an ultra-luxury cruise.

And to top off this amazing prize, you also WIN an additional $25,000 in cash – yours to spend as you like! Boat, caravan, campervan, jet skis – it’s your choice!
So, why merely imagine, when you can WIN?
Purchase your Sunshine Lottery ticket today.
Your ticket will fund PCYC Queensland’s youth development and crime prevention programs from the Gold Coast to Cape York.
Adventure awaits!

2023 Nissan X-Trail Valued at $58,654 - the perfect family SUV
$35,000 Travel Voucher - Imagine the places you could go!
$25,000 in cash to spend any way you like
$2,000 Fuel Voucher to get you started on the open road

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Tickets from just $5.00
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